Thoughts About Graduating


Well, it is finally here. Graduation. While I am not actually attending my graduation, the concepts still apply. It’s the end of an era, seventeen years of being a full-time student and the end of my time at university. A bittersweet ending to say the least, saying goodbye to friends and the routines that I have become accustomed too, but also starting a new life full of new experiences and adventures.

The main idea that keeps crashing my thoughts is the fact I am now a ‘real adult.’ Gone are the days when I could define myself as a student, but here I am now, a full fledged alumni. I am so proud of everything that I have accomplished over the past five years of university and am so grateful for the friends I have made. I feel like I truly found myself during my university experience, discovering new hobbies, dealing with hardships and moving forward, and mostly enjoying every second of my time at Lakehead.

It seems surreal that this is actually happening and that the question “What are you planning on doing after school?” is finally becoming a reality. I could not be more excited for what the future holds, even if it makes me anxious at times. It’s a new adventure and just like moving to university, it is just the next chapter in my life!






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