Moving Abroad is a Process


Officially being a graduate as of Saturday and working towards moving to the UK in August, my life has become a giant stressful mess. There is so much prep work that I have already done:

  1. Applied for my UK visa
  2. Drove to Toronto, stayed in an expensive hotel and went to a 10 minute appoint at the Visa office
  3. Signed a contract to work in the UK as a full time teacher
  4. Researching for an apartment (or flat if you will, trying to embrace the British ways)
  5. And trying to learn everything I can about anything to do with my new life that will start in just 2 short months.

However, while I have been working on all of this, there is still so much more I need to do:

  1. Get my Visa back from New York (because apparently that is where they send Canadian requests?)
  2. Open a UK bank account
  3. Find out which grade I will be teaching (AHHH!)
  4. Plan an entire year of long-range plans and lessons
  5. Actually find an apartment and try to stop dreaming about the expensive ones that I cannot afford.
  6. Plan going away party (the invites have been sent, now I need to just plan it)

Just as I cross something off my ever growing “To-Do List,” I end up adding three more things to it. While this list is continually growing I could not be more excited for August and experience life in the UK!

Follow along for more of my planning for and life living in the UK!



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